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Local Missions Connections:  We are witnesses for Jesus on the North Shore of Massachusetts and seek to be involved with mission partners locally with hands on help and financial support. 

Intervarsity North Shore

Young Life on the North Shore

The Salvation Army in Newburyport, Massachusetts

Topsfield Top Cupboard

The Root Cellar in Portland, Maine


Your Options Pregnancy Center in Revere, Massachusetts

Central Food Ministry in Lowell, MA

Operation Troop Support in Danvers, MA

Local Food Pantries in Hamilton, Rowley and Danvers, Massachusetts

Missions Ministry

We Return!  Final Trip Note    Madagascar Medical Mission

With thanks to God for this Medical Mission trip, we made it back safe and sound!  Thanks to all who prayed and supported us, we return with a great appreciation for the comforts of a modern home!

I speak for the whole team in the feeling that going to a third world country such as Madagascar was a life and attitude adjusting experience for all of us.  We are now acutely aware of the vast number of things we take for granted such as the availability of education, medical and dental care, medications, tooth brushes, toothpaste, eyeglasses, vitamins, traffic lights, roads without pot holes, running water, and washing machines for a start.

It was amazing how patient and disciplined the folks that came to be seen at the clinics were. There was no complaining, pushing, or raised voices even though they often walked for many miles and often waiting for many hours. In fact, many were so soft spoken that it was difficult to hear them.

 As my role at triage it was encouraging when people reported medical issues that the medical team were then able to treat such as infections, skin rashes, pain management, along with wound and even the occasion of minor surgery!. What was extremely difficult were the many cases that we did not have the capacity to care for such as dental care, tumors that were way past medical management, chronic breathing difficulties, long term management of blood pressure issues and so many more. We saw 1607 people over 4 days of clicnics.

Two of the most wonderful of Gods children here on this earth are Dr Harrison Sahalanirina and his wife Domoina! Their life ministry of caring for their Madagascar brothers and sisters is one of the most generous acts of love that I have ever experienced in my lifetime.  …Ann

A big thank you to Joanna Machain for organizing this trip and being an amazing team leader,  from your mission team 2023.

Madagascar Medical Mission Trip Updates

Monday:    The team arrived safely.  A flight to Paris, an airport layover, and another flight to Madagascar.  Day one was unpacking all the meds that were brought in luggages and organizing the meds/supplies purchased.  The team sleeps and eats in the Lutheran Hospital compound... safely.   Today they drove 2 hours to get to Ankazomiriotra, there were 403 people waiting int he church to be seen.    The drive including going through villages with markets... people walk 3 hours to get to the market areas to sell and buy.   Driving is very chaotic, bikes, animals, people walking in front... they had to wait for a pig to decide to get out of the way once.  What an adventure.

Tuesday 4/18 Update: 

Drove to a different village today. Less hectic driving than yesterday.  285 people waiting at this church.  Sent some of these pics below from the day.   a) There is a picture of our whole team.  b) John seeing a patient with a translator. c) people waiting to be seen in the pews of the church

Eating meals at the Lutheran hospital dorms, setting out with a driver each day to new destination site.

Day 3 of clinics:  From Ann:  "  Saw 484 people today!   The reality of healthcare here is jaw dropping and heart breaking at the same time.  It is typical to see long standing coughs, infections and skin issues, easily treated with medications but with no access to healthcare these problems go untreated. Examples being a child who fell out of a tree and broke his arm weeks ago but no healthcare, no treatment. Large goiters that interfere with breathing, but have been ubtreated for years, very common to see toothaches and missing teeth in very young people because of lack of dental care. with that said these people are very faithful and alive with their faith in the LORD.  Large churches here aref illed with God's children.  Today we were in Anjazafotsy. 


The Clinic days are done.   Over the course of 4 days our team saw 1607 people.  The lack of healthcare is overwhelming. Ann shared that we are "so blessed to live where we do". Some of the folks who came to the last clinic got up at 2:30 am and walked more than 3 hours to arrrive and get in line. 

There was a thank you dinner with the nurses, doctors, and interpreters from the Lutheran Hospital who are passionate in their ministry of caring for others on God's Island of Madagascar.

There is a day and 1/2 of recovery and visiting sites before the long flight home. Some stomach challenges are coming over many in the group.  Pray for a "good" ride home this weekend.


The Missions Ministry at OSLC exists to… connect the members of this church home to the wider church, thus participating in the Great Commission.  We make and maintain direct mission partnerships that we support through ongoing prayer, financial support, and participating in short-term cross cultural mission trips

Our Mission Ministry Team…  Encourages the congregation and its members to support current mission partners.  We do monthly “Mission Moments” at worship to update on these activities. The mission ministry serve as role models to the congregation in contributing time, talents and treasures in their service regarding mission trips and involvement in local mission partnerships.   

Both Internal and External Goals with this ministry

Internally – Help Build Church's Discipleship Awareness, Empathy & Capacity to give.

Externally - Build Partners in Discipleship that we can support and involve our parishioners in their ministry. witnesses for Jesus Christ on the North Shore of Massachusetts and around the world. There is no greater honor that we have than sharing the love of Christ through our words, deeds and finances. Our Mission strategy is based on Jesus’ words in Acts 1:8, ‘But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you and you will be my witnesses to Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.’ 

Mission Trips  We offer a variety of mission trips each year to various parts of New England, the United States and the world. These trips are designed to encourage and equip our ministry partners and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through word and deed. 

*Mission Trips for 2022 included:   (1)   Jackson Mississippi July 4th to 10th Youth Mission Trip to support a local church. (2) Navajo Mission Trip to New Mexico July 19th to 26th. Serving and supporting Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church

* Mission Trips for 2023 Include:     A "Medical Mission Trip" to Madagascar in April 

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